HelloWorks Pre-Filled Data Makes Filling Out Forms a Breeze

HelloWorks Pre-Filled Data Makes Filling Out Forms a Breeze

When it comes to filling out forms there’s nothing more frustrating than having to enter the same information multiple times.

We've all been there. We’re handed a stack of papers to complete and without even looking at them, we can sense all the fields asking for name and address. The pen touches the paper and at first, your handwriting is reasonably legible. But for some reason, you want to be the world record holder for fastest form-filler. So by the time you get to the second page your handwriting looks more like scribbles and your signature more like your initials.

Even when filling out paperwork online using an eSignature solution, many of the same problems remain. Sure, the pen and paper are technically gone. But you still have to fill out your name and address multiple times. And every time you do, in the back of your mind you’re  thinking, “This is the 21st century. There must be a better way!”

As a company owner or business lead, the last thing you want is for your customers to go through the process outlined above. It affects morale and causes of a lot of extra work for both the customer filling out the forms and your company reviewing them. Unfortunately, this is the norm for most businesses – and it’s costing them. According to IDC, “Companies spend 11-15% of their revenue on broken paper processes." This number directly impacts your company’s bottom-line which makes finding a solution a no brainer.

The good news is that the problems mentioned above are exactly what our next generation product, HelloWorks, solves for. HelloWorks has the power to pre-fill data into forms, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry. We call this feature “Pre-filled Data” and there are two ways to incorporate pre-filled data into your forms. One is with “Form-to-Form Mapping” and the other is “Merge Fields.”

Form-to-Form Mapping for HelloWorks

A way to copy repetitive data from one form to the next. For example, if you have onboarding processes that include several documents that require the participant to write in their mailing address, Form-to-Form Mapping will make it so they just have to enter it once. Once entered, it will automatically populate to all the other areas where an address is required.

Merge Fields for HelloWorks

A way to pre-populate information into a form before sending it out. For example, if you already know the name of who you are sending a form to, you can pre-populate that information which makes the form filling process faster for the participant because it’s one less field they will need to fill out.

The easiest way to understand the value of Pre-filled data is to see it in action. Check out our Pre-filled Data Video to see how easy it is for your participants to complete multiple page forms with HelloWorks and Pre-filled data.

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